We repair leaks of water and gas efficiently. Often leaks result from poor maintenance or piping care, and such warnings if left unattended can result in another problem such as having to fill the stationary tank continuously, and thus affect your economy.


We help you in repairing contacts and dampers, as well as our staff can provide support for the change of plugs, sockets or complete electrical installations in your home. We care about your economy, since a contact that is broken can consume more energy than you need.


We are specialists in coloring your spaces and giving them life again. We paint exterior and interior any type of surface with total cleanliness and speed. We have the best equipment and personnel to perform this task. Do not fight with brushes, rollers and buckets! We paint facades, rooms and any space in your home or office. Painting is an activity that demands a lot of time and cleaning care and your furniture and home, let us do it for you.


Comfort: surface of fibers that encourages well-being by the comfort of a gentle contact step, which invites you to experience the freedom of barefoot.

Non-slip and secure: Tissue frames give a precise safety tone when walking, as opposed to a hard surface. An excellent choice for both kids and adults who require a touch of care on their floor.

Acoustics: Cladding material that includes harmony in the sense of the ear to allow a passage without noise.

Insulation: One of the advantages of carpets is that it is thermal when not maintaining the cold or the heat, in such a way that you will not feel the passage of the seasons in interiors.

Luxury: being made of fibers and having a soft touch gives the feeling of elegance in your space. Versatility and simplicity: there is no single way but multiple ways of expression to give shape to the avant-garde trends in floor textiles easy to install, clean and maintain, we put at your fingertips.

Other advantages: goodbye to the allergies that disturb the good functioning of airways; Our materials do not let those particles escape when walking or cleaning the surface. Thus, carpets are a natural filter for suspended particles, which allow you to have a cleaner space, as long as you vacuum frequently.


Do not expect to see puddles a big stain on the ceiling due to moisture, waterproof and forget the rains inside your house or office. Remember that waterproofing is one of the basic care we should have in our home. Proper waterproofing will help you to avoid having other types of problems in your home.


Our expert staff will help you with the repairs or remodeling of wood work that you have been leaving aside in your home. We want your home not to lose its value and stay in top condition, remember this is the heritage of your family.


We help you with the installation of a professional rock table, if you want to build a temporary room or divide an area in your house. We also advise you how to replace the rock board if it is already damaged.


Our team will be more than happy to help you and give you advice on the installation of floor, tile and laminate flooring. Do not you think it's time to give another touch to your home and revive space?


Keep the water you use in your home clean and help your family keep them free of diseases from your family, clean water tanks and cisterns. We advise you on the cleaning of water tanks and cisterns in your home, this activity should be done at least once every 6 months