Jonah Dipp

"Having built my house with Constructora Beltax was a great experience, in which I highlight 2 points that are very valuable to me, the first is that all the work was done with great quality and the second is that the management of accounts was always Very clear with what today allows me to fully enjoy my house. "

Kevin Brown

"Beltax really has important competitive advantages, in the projects that we developed with this construction company we obtained the objectives of efficient way and in time. A special mention in these times is very important, is that the team of Constructora Beltax has in mind and practice the value of honesty. "

Laura Daly

"We are pleased and more than satisfied with our new home. Now, our dream is a reality and for us this project is something big in our lives because for over 3 years we have been working hard and saving as much as we could to build it. We also want to thank all of your team because thanks to your work all this came out. "